Sunday, 1 February 2009

A postcard

It's Sunday morning in Tucson. Two busy buying days behind me now, and a day to slow down a little and take stock. I run around picking out lots of stuff, then often have to wait a couple of days (or more) to find out exactly what I've spent. Which can be a problem. More than once I've found myself short of a fair bit of cash.

So - today I'll try to round up the various piles of fossils sitting in hotel rooms, tents and cars around the city. And put them in a big plastic crate. I've bought two collapsable shipping crates this year - will be a big help. I used to have to build up wooden one each time, and dissemble them on the pavement outside the shop. A real pain sometimes, and though I got it down to a reasonably quick time, it was still not something to look forward to on a very warm day.

So far, so sunny. It hasn't rained here since before Christmas. Doesn't seem like it's about to start. 


Christopher Walker said...

Sounds like a successful trip... so what crazy American antics have you seen/ experienced?

Matt Dale said...

A guy came round last night to show us the two pistols he'd just bought. None of us know him very well. It was a bit strange. He went on about the less people knew about him having guns the better.

Christopher Walker said...

Ok, so are you meeting said individual again at McDonalds for breakfast/lunch/supper [delete or otherwise] or is he now residing at Obama's pleasure after robbing the bank?? Seen any trailer-parks? Do they exist - myth or fact?

Matt Dale said...

Oh - they exist. And they vary in quality. Some are worse then you could imagine.

Individual will be avoided, just in case I say the wrong thing about rights to bear arms, gun crime, murder rates, etc.