Friday, 20 February 2009

Bright sparks

Yesterday was curtailed by a power cut. The joy often experienced by those excused work by elements beyond their control is not necessarily shared by small traders.

I had some customers in, and they stuck around for a while, as they had some questions about ammonite hunting. I showed them how it was usually possible to see the edge of the shell protruding from a nodule, and where the collector would then place the chisel to try to open it. By torchlight.

Yet again there are roadworks outside the shop - not sure why this time. On this occasion they drilled through an electricity cable, cutting off power to the bookshop next door. When my lights went off, I went next door to find that Mike had already been without electricity for a while and had done the sensible thing. Headed to the pub. I followed suit.

It can be exasperating, losing trade as a result of the ineptitude of others, especially when it's such a frequent occurrence.

Got to learn to stop griping about this stuff - back to geology next time.


Christopher Walker said...

Install your own private nuclear reactor, it's the way forward.

Matt Dale said...

I'm trying for fusion.