Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another postcard

All done bar the baking here in Tucson. Lids on the crates are locked down, paperwork is all done. Now I have a little time to get some heatstroke. 

I never remember how to translate farenheit to celcius, but it's in the 80s now. Hot enough to be difficult walking around, sitting, talking etc. I should go around with the camera for a while, but it seems like too much hard work.

The hotel I stay in, along with a lot of the dealers I know, is not the most exciting place. We're bordered on one side by the freeway, another by a building site, another by a dust bowl of a dry river, and finally by a Denny's diner and a petrol station. Perfect. Today Denny's had the weird idea of serving free breakfast from 6 until 2pm. Which meant massive queues for 8 hours, and a huge turnout of Tucson's many interesting characters. And a few police cars. 

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