Friday, 23 January 2009

Time to go

The annual US buying trip is nearly here. I leave on Sunday morning, with the shop in capable hands. I stop over in New York to stay with friends every year, which has a few benefits - I see friends, get over the jet lag, and get to buy a few clothes and the like. And I can also time my arrival in Arizona a little better.

Usually I can get off the plane, check into the hotel and still have a couple of hours of time to see the most important suppliers. A good number of dealers will sell the bulk of their stock before the show officially opens. It's very annoying when this happens, so I try to get in as early as possible. Not always easy, and I'll often miss out on something.

I've been going for 10 years now, I think, and it has gradually become more of a chore, but it's always good to see the people. And I'll always be able to find some new and interesting stock lines.

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Christopher Walker said...

best of luck! have fun and buy something outrageous for the hell of it - given the markets, outrageous may just work.