Monday, 29 December 2008

Buy my head!

I get the odd pitch, from time to time. Not many odder than this. Following is as written, except it was entirely capitalised. I have spared you that...

Di dot not speck ingles,

I am using the traslator on line.

Ear friend: first of all I appear, my name is Gustavo, alive in Argentina.

I am a fan to stones and in one of my search I found one that I am called the attention powerfully, (The same one belongs to him to a friend) this has the form of a human skull, (although with some differences) segun this person to the same one made studies to him and the results said that it was a petrified bone of approximately 4,000,000 of anuses. One imagined surprising how is the same one.

This person (the proprietor of the stone) wishes to sell it but as the task lacks the contacts for such transacion enomendo of finding me to which this interesting, ademas to make money podria, of being this stone which we suppose, to gain much fama and prestige, we know of its value, therefore the buyer tendria that to be a person or an institute with much endorsement.

If ustede this interested in this please contactese for greater information in this means. A warm greeting Gustavo.

Attached to the mail were some jpegs of a vaguely rounded stone. Granted, if I squinted a little, the stone may have looked a little like a kid's drawing of Gordon Brown. I didn't follow up my great interest in the bone of many anuses, partly because I'm not really an institute with much endorsement, and partly because I was laughing too much.

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