Friday, 14 December 2012

Dino crisis

Tomorrow is the day of the talk at the Botanics. I've put more time into preparing for this thing than anything since university, but I'm still very nervous. It's quite possible there will only be about eight people there, which will ease the pressure a little bit.

Aside from the pages of text that is mostly lodged in the part of the mind that stores things for a maximum of two weeks, I have some blurry images (that I need to make appear on my laptop screen at the right time), some fossils and some toys. The toys, I think, may be the key. I can hold them up as props, use them to illustrate some important points, wave them around. And if all else fails and things are going badly, I can use them to stage a big dinosaur battle. In the interests of education, of course.

There's scope for audience participation there, too. Always goes down well.

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