Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Solitary confinement

This is a small business. There's me and one other staff member who does Saturdays and fills in when required. Currently that's Riley. there aren't many times of the year when having two people in the shop would be useful, and that's handy in keeping running costs to a minimum. However - there are days when it's very, very quiet. No customers, paperwork finished, no postal orders to wrap. On those days the view from the counter can seem a little too familiar and the chair a little too uncomfortable.

I am often jealous of those with an office full of colleagues. You have people you can discuss problems with, share advice, and just generally chat about... stuff. I'm lazy, and when I'm not busy I can slip into a near-catatonic state. So if you see me slumped over the counter, come in and say hello.

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Wendy8i8 said...

I definitely miss seeing you and Riley. I would fly back in a heart beat to keep you guys company in the shop. I often dream about Edinburgh and I hope to have the opportunity to visit again someday. Thank you for everything. You have a wonderful shop!

~Wendy Webb
(Riley's friend from Ohio)