Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A stab at professionalism

I have a new and easy way to encroach upon your lives and give you just that little bit less personal time. Or you could look on it as advertising. Or maybe - at a push - the provision of informative geological snippets. In any case, I have set up a Facebook page for the shop, which seems to be the way to go at the moment. Try this...

If the link above doesn't work... to sign up, I think you have to search for Mr Wood's Fossils in the little box, and the page should appear. Then you have to 'like' it. I think. I set it up, so I didn't have to do that bit. You can post stuff on the wall, complain about shoddy service, make rambling incoherent suggestions, start discussions. All sorts. The best bit, though, is the 'Reviews' section, where people can say how brilliant everything about the shop is, even the dust, and how they can't wait to go there again. I might go and write a review now.

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