Friday, 5 February 2010

Signed and sealed

Thankfully, the container finally arrived yesterday and it was a bit of a hectic day. Careless repacking led to numerous breakages, including a saber-tooth skull worth tens of thousands, and a few losses. One of my crates was broken - which must have taken some doing - but it can be repaired. In the end I crammed everything into one crate and stacked the broken one one top before wrapping a tarpaulin around them and shrink wrapping it all.

Lorne kindly dragged himself out of bed to take me to the airport at dawn this morning and I'm now in Denver for a couple of days before heading home. My crates sit beside the carpark back at the Ramada in Tucson, awaiting transport home in a couple of weeks. I won't see them again until the end of March. *sniff*.

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Mr Woods Fan Club said...

All ready to Sail from LA Matt