Friday, 28 November 2008

Opening salvo

Okay. How to start?

It's late November, it's cold, and once again the digging has started outside the shop. Not digging for fossils. Not digging for oil. Not digging for gold. Digging to fix the water pipes. Again.

A little background. The Grassmarket has been completely dug up and relaid over the past 14 months, and things were nearing completion. The noise and dust were about to settle for a while. And the customers were all going to flock back to see the lovely, shiny, new Grassmarket.
Now it seems very likely there'll be yet more disruption. Am I happy? Nah.

Phoned around. Business Stream and Scottish Water - one a subsidiary of the other - both passed the buck around for a little before deciding that they won't do anything about lost trade. So - to the press...

Wait - wasn't this supposed to be about fossils?

I have to decide how to set the tone for this blog, but probably it'll be about the shop, about fossils, and about things that happen day to day. It's quite likely that'll include some venting now and again. I promise to have something geological next time.

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